Educate to Graduate: Child Sponsorship Project

Child adoption Project in Jharkhand

In Bela , Hazaribag district, 5 girl children from poor family are sponsored. Thanks to the idea and SUPPORT of Please Sound. All the 5 adopted children are enrolled in the Sati Vidya English Medium school (which was best possible school in that area). The children receive support for their better education, culture, health, and future. This report elucidates progress and status of the children adopted in Jharkhand.

About the family and children:

They are from the Bhuiyan (Dalit) community (one of the most backward schedule caste). They are landless and living in a house provided by the government. Parents of all the 5 children are daily wage labor and earn everyday meal from that. They don’t have any other source of the earning.

Development of Children at School and in their village

Adoption helped these children hugely. The more in terms of their lifestyle and cultural development. These 5 children, in the past, always used to live in village playing here and there. They used to live very dirty, without culture and with damaged cloths.

After adoption of these 5 children, their lifestyle is improved significantly. They started to live clean, and well-mannered like the good children in the villages. Many of the people in the village are surprised to see growth of these children. Most of them said that, life of the children is just transformed.

Their performance in Study and in School is progressive. Julie Kumari, Sunena Kumari, and Neha Kumari is doing very hard work, and they are improving day by day, which is pleasant. Besides, Pinky Kumari and Shalu Kumari is still struggling at classroom and in study. The teacher says that, since earlier they were not in school, so they are lacking interest in study, but gradually it is improving. Adoption of these children are surely a big gift for their life. Status of their school grade card is given below:

Sl. No. Name of Student Class % attendance Grade %
1. Julie Kumari III 75% 49%
2. Pinky Kumari LKG 65% 38.7%
3. Shalu Kumari UKG 40% 34%
4. Sunena Kumari II 69% 54.7%
5. Neha Kumari V 83% 69%


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Please find the list of the children who are waiting for the adoption, from the below: