“Teach a man to fish”

10 years ago, Executive Director & founder of Winner With You, during his Post Graduation(in Development Management), began outlining a simple but groundbreaking plan to help the poor in order to have inclusive and sustainable development. 

After his postgraduation in Development Management, he woked more than 5 years in different states of India, implementing various development projects to help the poor. He then went to Europe for a global exposure, and worked in different countries on development themes, letter after couple of years he came back India, taken initiative to found ‘Winner with you’ (WWY).

The founder members/trustees of Winner with You are Social Worker, Management Graduate, Engineer, & Educationist. All came together to help poor, in Jharkhand to help them to come out of poverty and overcome hardship.

This “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”  thought was the driving force behind  founding WWY. Now, after establishment of WWY, the “teach a man to fish” philosophy inspires our work for Inclusive and sustainable development of the community.


“Working in Jharkhand Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Community Development”

How WWY Works to Empower Communities For an inclusive and sustainable development

  1. Social Mobilization/Social Capital Building
  2. Enabling
  3. Self-Sustaining